Spring Refresh with Our New Bedding Collection

Spring will be here in a couple of months, but you don’t have to wait until then to refresh your bedroom décor. To help you design the best possible bedroom, we’re pleased to launch our collection of Linen and Cotton Bedding, an extravaganza of texture and style that will inject new life into the look and feel of your bedroom.


Comfort during sleep is paramount, so bedding material makes a huge difference. Opt for natural fabrics like cotton and linen. Linen, which the Romans called “textus ventilus,” or woven wind, is airy and breathable with moisture-wicking properties. In other words, it’s great to sleep on! Cotton, too, with its natural fibers, is absorbent and comfortable year-round.

Combine the two and you have superior quality bedding that is soft to the touch and light on the skin, like that in our Linen and Cotton Quilt. The slightly slubby look of linen on the top and the soft feel of cotton on the bottom imparts casual elegance to your bedroom. The hand-stitched top layer, featuring a traditional diamond, square, or tufted pattern, adds texture and visual appeal. Lightweight yet stylish – everything spring bedding should be!


Duvets are useful bedding components because they allow you to easily vary your bedroom décor throughout the year. When deciding on duvet material, look no further than linen. Besides being lightweight and strong, linen has a soft texture, lived-in look, and lovely drape, making it both practical and attractive.

Most of all, linen is a versatile material that complements any décor and is equally at home among the floral prints and distressed furniture of a country cottage, the neutral colors and sleek furniture of a contemporary setting, or the dark woods and elegant furnishings of a traditionally decorated space.

For a simple but classic look that will never go out of style, consider our Linen Duvet Cover to imbue your bedroom with casual elegance. Combining the distinctive slubbed texture and light weight of linen with the softness of cotton, this cover brings subtle style to your bedroom decor.


Fabrics like silk and velvet add a soft texture and sumptuous look to the bedroom. Since velvet especially conjures up images of indescribable softness and luxury, what better place to feature it than the bedroom?

Distinguished by the luxurious look of cotton velvet on top and the soft comfort of cotton on the bottom, our Velvet and Cotton Quilt, with its hand-sewn tufts, embodies a textural richness that is pleasing to the touch and appealing to the eye. Effortlessly transform your bedroom décor with its understated elegance.


Next to style, easy care is a must for bedding. What could be easier than a machine washable cotton quilt, like our simple yet attractive Cotton Quilt? Soft yet durable, it creates a warm and homey ambiance and is perfect for softening more formal settings. Cozy up to the lived-in feel and casual look of this natural fabric and make it your go-to quilt when you’re looking for comfort and convenience without sacrificing style.

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