Just In: Teak Chairs for Everywhere!

Lovely color, rich texture, durability - teak has it all, and our Teak Chair Collection offers a selection of seating that brings this wood in all its stunning beauty into your home.

Minimalist design and clean, simple silhouettes make these chairs especially suited to mid-century, modern, and contemporary interiors. Versatile enough to be paired with a wide range of materials, colors, and textures, they are perfect for the dining room, but shine just as brightly in other rooms of the house. Think of them as chairs for everywhere – dining room, kitchen, living room, bedroom, and office.

We’ve come up with some creative ideas for incorporating their subtle elegance into your interior décor.


Wooden chairs have always been a classic in the dining room because of their functionality and organic composition. To elevate your dining room décor, incorporate teak whose warm color helps to create the inviting ambiance that makes a dining room so comfortable and pleasant. Featuring an angled, square top rail, our Kelang Chair is reminiscent of the traditional straight-backed chairs so popular in dining rooms. Add to our distinctive design the rich color and satisfying feel of wood, and you have an awesome new take on an old favorite!


Wood furniture can transform an office, giving it a softer ambiance because of its darker color and natural texture. The striking silhouette of the Kamasan Chair, combined with a solid construction and ergonomic seat for maximum comfort (essential in the office!), bring understated style and visual appeal to your work environment.


Have an empty corner or bare wall space ? Imagine this: a teak chair draped with a luxurious faux fur throw, next to a small accent table topped with a vase of flesh flowers and some books. The result? A focal point that is both functional and fashionable. Our Liran Chair, with its combination of straight and round edges, creates just such a striking image and injects instant chic.


Consider enhancing your bedroom décor with our Pantai Chair. Traditional yet modern in design, it features a curved, angled top rail and looks beautiful as a vanity or bedside chair. Gorgeous wood, exceptional design, and practicality in one accessory – this is bedroom décor done right!

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