Make a Statement with Bold Accent Pieces

There is a certain power to well-placed accent pieces that can instantly bring a whole room together. They are the finishing touches and the focal point of a room, no matter the size, that dictate a room’s atmosphere. The entire room can be transformed simply by adding a single item.

We featured some of our favorite accent pieces from BHF Home that add character to any room and can instantly upgrade your living space.


Stunning Vintage Treasures 

There is no other accent piece that does what a good vintage piece can for interior decoration. 

Mixing modern elements with vintage pieces always forms a beautiful juxtaposition that creates visual interest. Whether it be a vintage inspired piece or a true one-of-a-kind vintage find, both add a unique charm to a space by bringing an element of surprise. 

When I want to add lots of drama and story to any interior, I look to the Baroque period for inspiration. Items that borrow the characteristics of the Baroque never fail to provide a sense of grandiose, just what’s needed to transform a space. 

The easiest and the most affordable way to apply this style to a room is by adding baroque style mirrors! Baroque inspired mirrors have the characteristic of a striking gilded frame with intricate and exuberant detail. 

Its gilded frame adds warmth to the room's color palette.

Oval Baroque Mirror $389.99

Ornate Gold Gilt Mirror $299.99

If you love the striking effect of a gilded mirror, but want to keep things more simple, look no further with these sleek bordered styles. 


Arch Mirror with Notched Frame $209.99

Round Carved Mirror $149.99


Nothing compares to a feeling of encountering a fascinating vintage treasure! The feeling of discovery is a special treat reserved for vintage finds whether it is in person or online. 

Wooden chests with hand carved detail doubles up as practical storage while having an artisanal touch. Perfect as a decorative piece for a coffee table, mantel, or shelf if you are going for a smaller box chest. If you want it to have more presence, choose the larger sized chest that has amazing storage power and is aesthetically pleasing. 

Vintage Carved Wooden Chest $249.99


Keep It Au Naturale

Home decor pieces that maintain their original material’s identity are perfect as accent pieces. Showcasing the natural rawness is a bold way to draw attention. Since the shape or color is heavily influenced by the material’s original form, it is guaranteed that no two items are alike.

Each item is a unique piece of art derived from nature. 

Abstract teak vases transform a space and make a bold style statement. Featuring a unique organic shape, the vase casts a striking silhouette wherever it is displayed. The natural composition and earthy color bring the aesthetic of nature into the home. 

Abstract Teak Vase, Price varies by sizes 

Straight from teak root, Sliced Teak Root Wall Art features the textural richness of the teak wood’s grain, knots, and holes. Available in both natural and burnt colors, this piece certainly injects delightful surprise to a space.

Slice Teak Root Wall Art $139.99

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